What you need to know about staff training!

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Staff training – who needs it? 
Recognise that well trained, focused staff are the backbone of all successful business and have a direct impact on your bottom line profit.

National Opinion Poll reveals the huge impact that staff training can have on the profitability of a business.  To maintain the loyalty of your customer base you must look for new ways to meet and exceed your customers expectations.

The Poll discovered that averagely 70% of the people questioned had left the shop/store without making a purchase – Why? Firstly the sales staff had insufficient knowledge of their products and services. Secondly, the sales staff were not customer focused, in other words – the service was rubbish.

My experiences of ‘turning around’ convenience stores that were underperforming, losing sales and not reaching their budget targets, suffering from huge shrinkage problems confirmed to me, that poor or inadequate customer service will kill your business quickly. 

Of course there is a balance that needs to be achieved with all areas of the business, but without doubt a lack of customer service is a priority.

Retailers cannot compete on product and price alone, yes we all have to work hard to make a profit, but, let me share this with you…. 

Retailers who invest in staff training and awareness are more likely to make a sale especially when the customer needs advice or information.  This is a fact.

Many retailers and smaller business owners have fewer staff and less time to devote to training and it is usually on the job training.  There is nothing wrong with on the job training, in many ways it is more successful and ensures an outcome.

As a small business owner/manager you will as a matter of course work long and hard, this goes with the territory, you put in all of this effort, make the decision to ensure your staff are properly trained and focused on your business interests, otherwise all of your effort will falter the moment you are not in the store.

Formal training and internet courses are a luxury many small business owners cannot afford, so what is the answer?  Obviously ensure that all of your knowledge is shared with your staff, and look at more cost effective ways to obtain training,

Jane McCall

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