How Ethical Hackers Can Help Protect Businesses

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The number of cyber crimes targeting businesses has soared over the last few years. According to a cyber security survey, in 2018, almost half of UK businesses fell victim to cyber attacks and security breaches. This growing uneasiness of having company assets so vulnerable to being leaked, held hostage and outright stolen within seconds has encouraged many firms to proactively seek security measures to protect themselves. That said, the best way to figure out how a hacker might attack is to think like one— this is what an ethical hacker does.

The term “ethical hacker” might sound like an oxymoron. After all, when one thinks of a hacker, the image that our mind creates is of a guy in a black hoodie, sitting in front of a computer, weaving his next sinister game plan to steal our information and cause cyber terror. But an ethical hacker is the “good guy” who predicts and kills the plan-of-attack cooked up by the malicious hacker before it gets a chance to do harm.

Ethical hackers, or pen-testers like the ones at Fidus Infosec, are certified security professionals who simulate the strategies and attacks used by malicious hackers to gain unauthorised access to computer systems and applications. Being aware of these security vulnerabilities gives you the opportunity for repair so that your systems don’t stand a chance to be penetrated.

Your Current IT Security Measures May Not be Hacker-Proof

Your company might already have well-intended precautionary measures in place to safeguard your IT infrastructure against cyber attacks. But, these measures can still hold weak spots that you are unaware of. An ethical hacker can evaluate these measures, assess their efficacy, test their penetrability, and hand you invaluable data which you can use to make informed security decisions.

You Can Afford an Ethical Hacker But Not a Cyber Crime

Depending on the size of your business, cyber crime can cost your firm anywhere from thousands to millions of pounds. Your business reputation will also be in jeopardy, and the harm resulting from certain breaches may be irreversible. Having an ethical hacker scan your system for attack vectors and plug these vulnerabilities from being exploited will ensure that you never have to see a loss in hands of a cyber criminal.

Prevent Breaches With an Informed Workforce

Little, unintended, actions spark big movement…or breaches! While many threats can be countered with intelligent technology, breaches, hacks and attacks can still be ushered in by employees, who may not be aware of the best practices to follow when using your company’s network. For example, leaving laptops unattended in a public place can put your company’s sensitive data at risk of being leaked. Ethical hackers can prevent cases like these by fostering the importance of cyber security through awareness and education.

New Technology Brings New Vulnerabilities

Technology evolves fast, and agile businesses quickly adopt new innovations to optimise their day-to-day operations. These new innovations though might be brimming with vulnerabilities. For example, research shows that more than half of UK businesses still can’t detect IoT related security breach. Ethical hackers are always up to date with the latest technology and its potential flaws, and they are also aware of how these flaws can be exploited. This knowledge can be used to safeguard your systems against attacks by developing better security measures while keeping these vulnerabilities in mind.

Ethical hackers help you play better offence against cyber criminals. With attacks becoming more sophisticated, hiring them has become a necessity to protect businesses from getting tarnished or defunct.

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