7 Tips that will save you money when you clear an archive store

Jules Shorrock, MD Citrus sharp security shredding

With office space, small storage units & Lofts at a When can you Safely dispose of company records?                                              

”Weeding“ out personal  data that is no longer needed is  good practice to reduce unnecessary data retention in archive storage, & on electronic storage.  Although professional guidelines differ timely destruction is also a Legal requirement.

For best advice visit The Information Commissioner’s Office guide on;  


We have managed hundreds of archive destructions, & are offering suggestions to help you benefit from a good service, that with some organisation from you will cost less.

Select a reputable shredding service provider. Ideally recommended from a colleague, local Chamber of Commerce or your Industry. A credible company will send a Fact file including all License details, & send an assessor to audit your data, recommend the most appropriate service for your needs & accurately quote.

Sacks are appropriate for clearing data from areas with restricted access, ie Basements or Upper floors.As a general guideline 1 x 10 kilo industry standard sack will store the contents from 1 drawer of a filing cabinet & 2 sacks will hold 1metre of shelved files.

Wheeled bins may be better when clearing shelving from an area that has level access from collection vehicle. As a guideline 1 x 360m litre wheeled bin can hold 2 m shelved data. 1 x 660 ltr bin can ontain up to 4 metres of files / wallets.

 In summary, you can negotiate & reduce service costs by;

1. Requesting sacks or bins in advance & agreeing delivery & collection dates when service provider is already operating in your area.

2. Preparing papers for shredding; removing plastic pockets, folders & wallets if your shredded paper is going to be recycled. Do not waste your time removing staples, paperclips or card dividers.

3. Filling containers yourself, emptying papers from ring binders saves space, provids list of sack tag numbers, clearly identify data for destruction X marking Boxes.

4. Stacking data as close to access as you can. Do not overfill bins/ bags as heavy sacks cannot be Safety lifted, & over weight bins are difficult to move. Organise vehicle parking place on the day of collection.

5. Committing to a using your selected service provider again; buying or hiring a locking  confidential waste container for your office & agreeing a collection schedule with them.

7. Asking for a discount if you hold charitable status Agreeing  payment within by 14 days.

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