Are Solar Panels still worth the investment?

  • Are Solar Panels still worth the investment?
Kris Daynes, Power Different

Considering investing in Solar Panels for your home or business?

The first question we are asked is usually, are they still worth purchasing?

The simple answer is yes, not only for your own pocket, but also for the reduction of your reliance on carbon fuels.

How much will Solar Panels cost to install?

Solar Panels have become increasingly more affordable since their release, bolstered by the Government’s feed-in-tariff. A 4KW that may have cost you around £10,000 a year ago, could now be installed for between £4,000-£6,000.

As with any product, the quality and efficiency of each system varies greatly, so take your time to research panels carefully and deal with an expert when it comes to your solar panel installation

What are Solar Panels and how do they work?

Also known as Photovoltaic (PV) Panels, Solar Panels are situated on your roof or a ground mounted panel to allow them to absorb daylight. Solar Panels work by converting solar radiation into useable electricity, using photo cells.

Internally, Solar Panels are usually made up of layers silicon, or another semi-conductive material. An electrical field is formed across the layers when sunlight shines on to the panel. The more powerful the sunlight, the more heat is absorbed and the more electricity a Solar Panel can produce.

Solar Panels can generate electricity with any amount of sunlight, so even on the gloomier days they enable you to reduce your dependency on carbon fuels, in favour of this renewable source, helping in turn to reduce your utility bills.

Where will my panels be installed?

It is likely that you will have seen Solar Panels fixed to roofs. We offer advice on the very best position to gain as much exposure to daylight throughout the day as possible. Alternatively, our team can also install ground mounted panels or flat roof panels.

Are there any financial benefits?

Yes there are certainly still financial gains in Solar Panel installation. PV panels not only save you money directly against your utility bills, but in addition they also pay you back for units of energy that your system produces. On average we would expect to see you have a return on your investment at around 10 years and still have another 10 years productive use of your installed panels, generating an average of £700-£800 per year. Further details of how the solar panel feed in tariff works can be found at our website.

To find out more or to arrange a free site survey call our experts on 01603 406052. 

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