Battery storage is changing the face of solar technology

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Kris Daynes, Power Different

Thanks to Elon Musk and his Tesla innovations, solar battery storage is receiving a lot of press of late.

Advances in technology overall mean that power collected by your solar power systems can now be harnessed and utilised when the sun is not at its full strength, such as overcast days. The power can even be used within your business or home throughout the night, meaning you need to pull less power from your energy supplier.

If your business already has solar panels installed, we believe that now is the right time to consider investing in a solar storage battery.

At Power Different we supply and install Sonnen batteries to help you get the most from your new or existing solar panel set up. Sonnen batteries are of a high quality, boast a stylish design and are installed with a 10 year/10000 cycle warranty, so you can be sure it will last.

Why should you consider a solar battery storage system for your business premises?

·         You will have the ability to maximise your solar panels, storing any excess energy generated during daylight hours for use on cloudier days, or if your premises requires power overnight

·         Sonnen solar storage batteries can be managed via an app, allowing you to keep your businesses energy usage in check

·         Installation and integration is quick, with minimal disruption to your business

·         Innovative design means the system fits stylishly into your business

·         You will reduce your reliance on ‘the grid’ and your carbon footprint


Should you have any questions regarding storage battery installation or require solar panel installation or upgrades we would be more than happy to offer advice and installation. Call our experts on 01603 406052

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