Making Your Business Environmentally Friendly in 2019

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It has taken far too long but we are finally waking up to the fact that our planet is vulnerable, its resources are finite and that the lifestyle choices of everyone is contributing to the destruction of our environment. Going ‘green’ is not just some fluffy tree hugging eccentricity it is an essential shift in our social behaviour, and businesses should be setting an example and acting as responsible role models to their employees.  If you are still not convinced by the environmental arguments, then how about the economic ones. The average business that employs 10-49 employees spends £12,327 on electricity and £7011 annually on gas, and those figures are certainly ones where by adopting more energy efficient practices, significant savings can be made. Consider these suggestions, make your business an example of an energy responsible environment and trim your outgoings in the process.

Do you know what your business consumes?

The first step toward making savings on your energy consumption is accurate data on what you are using, not estimates. How does your energy consumption fluctuate during the year?

Look at your business premises with energy efficiency in mind

Is there scope for using more natural light and less electric light? Is your building sufficiently well insulated?  Are doors and windows draft free?  Are heating appliances located in the optimum position or is their heat being blocked?

Choose new equipment for its energy efficiency

Laptops use less electricity than conventional computers and offer more scope for creative ways of ways of working but whatever new equipment you are buying, whether it’s a photocopier or a fridge, there will always be an option which is more energy efficient than another.

Make your staff energy conscious

The UK wastes £171 million a year by leaving lights on. Only 5% of the power drawn by a charger is used to charge a phone.  All those chargers that are left plugged in are wasting energy and costing you money, it’s not for nothing that it’s known as vampire energy. Reduce the brightness of monitors and set screens to go to sleep after five minutes. Encourage staff to fill kettles with the amount of water they need rather than always boiling full kettles.

Don’t provide single use plastic

The UK throws away 2.5 billion coffee cups every year and less than 1% is recycled. Microplastics are a serious threat to our environment and the use of plastic cups and plastic bottles is economically wasteful. There is nothing sophisticated or business like about chucking plastic cups in a bin, provide your staff with a proper cup. 

Go paperless

Going totally paperless may not be possible but even a small reduction will result in financial savings and increased efficiency.  Digital documents are quicker to access, receipts and invoices can be scanned, clients can be emailed or texted, which is faster and cheaper. Digital files can be accessed from any location and cloud-based accounting systems provide automatic backups on a pre-scheduled basis, so you don’t have to spend time doing it. Cloud-based systems also offer a high level of data security.  The days of fax machines and document couriers are long gone and if you still have an energy hungry photocopier then maybe it’s time to say goodbye to that too. Think of all the money you’ll save on ink cartridges once there’s no more paper.

Provide recycling facilities

Make staff aware of the need to recycle and provide facilities for the recycling of batteries and paper.

It makes PR sense

Making your business an energy efficient business is an essential part of a positive public image. Why not hold a fundraiser and donate to a renewable energy charity?


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