Renewable energy options that reduce your spend and benefit the environment

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Technology across the renewable energy sector is improving rapidly, and despite the reduction in Solar Panel grants that has be reported recently, there are still many ways that you can save money by investing in a renewable energy system, whilst reducing your reliance on the grid and benefiting the environment to boot.  

Of course these big changes aren’t the only way to save money on your bills and become more eco-friendly; just changing light bulbs to low energy versions and unplugging your charger can make a difference on a smaller scale.

Take a look at some of the solutions available to allow you to change the way you power and heat your home or business, as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Based underground, ground source heat pumps provide a cost effective alternative to conventional heating systems. Heat is extracted from the ground and used to heat a refrigerant, converting it into a gas, so that it can be utilised to heat water. This can then be used to fuel radiators or an underfloor heating system.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Working in a similar way to ground source pumps, air source heat pumps instead extract heat from the outside air to heat first a refrigerant, which in turn heats water that can be used to fuel your radiators and underfloor.

Solar Panels

Generate your own power, by harnessing the renewable energy from the sun. Thanks to the latest technologies, even on dull days, your solar panel system will still be effective. Once installed by a professional, they require little maintenance, meaning they will go on benefiting your business and reducing your carbon footprint for many years to come.

Battery Storage Systems for Solar Power

Thanks to advancements in renewable energy technology, it is now possible to collect any excess power generated from your solar panels and store it, within a storage battery, until you need it.

Most households and businesses find that their peak usage of energy does not correlate with the peak time of sunshine, e.g. you turn the lights on when it gets dark and the heating on in the winter months when there are less daylight hours. This means that more often than not the energy you have not used whilst the sun is at its most powerful, is wasted. By storing the excess power, you can use it on days when it is cloudier or in the evenings, reducing your dependence on the grid, fossil fuels and cutting your bills.

If you are ready to take the happy leap into powering your home using renewable energy sources, or simply have some questions about doing so, call us on 01603 406502.

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