Slowing Down for Better Fleet Accident Management

Brendon Lansdowne, Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental

Accident [Slowing down for better fleet accident management] management is a big part of any fleet manager’s job, and speeding has recently been revealed as a major problem for many British businesses. Research has found that company car drivers are more reckless than private motorists on UK roads, so how can driver education help to slow the problem down?

Adding up the numbers

According to the RAC’s Report on Motoring 2014, a startling 88% of company car drivers in the UK admitted to regularly exceeding the legal speed limit on motorways. A significantly lower 67% of private motorists confessed to breaking the law, although this figure is still worryingly high.

In research by the RAC, 62% of company car drivers stated that they reached speeds of 80mph on motorways, and 8% admitted to exceeding 90mph.

Drivers justified their speeding offences in various ways. While 31% argued that they were following the general flow of traffic and 19% claimed driving conditions were favourable, 15% said 70mph “felt too slow” and 8% argued that modern cars are built to go faster than the speed limit dictates.

Tackling speed offences in accident management

This research draws attention to a common concern that many company car drivers consider speeding on a motorway more socially acceptable than speeding on any other road. In fact, 65% of company car drivers argued that it is acceptable to break the 70mph limit and travel at up to 80mph.

Interestingly, 90% of company car drivers agreed that they would be in favour of an increase in the speed limit on motorways, in contrast with a significantly lower 69% of other motorists.

Company car drivers are the worst offenders for motorway speeding in the UK, so it’s important that speed compliance is closely monitored and addressed. Fleet accident management relies on safe driving practices being taught, encouraged and even enforced across the entire workforce, so that every at-work driver is aware of their responsibilities on the road. Remember, your company is legally responsible for any employee driving for work, so if they’re not safe neither are you!

Speeding is bad for business

David Aldridge, business services director at RAC, explained: "Whilst drivers may feel tempted to save time in the working day by going faster, any fleet manager knows that collecting speeding points is ultimately bad for business.

“Telematics is useful for fleet managers who want to monitor driver behaviour more closely and check company car drivers’ compliance with national speed limits. This can not only improve driver behaviour but help managers operate a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable fleet.”

We can provide the award-winning Quartix Telematics system in any of our contract hire vehicles. This technology uses GPS, GPRS and the internet to allow users access to live and historical fleet information from any computer. Regular logs can even be emailed to you directly, delivering the right data at the right time to suit you.

We can also help your business fleet on the road by providing accident management services, such as full breakdown cover, comprehensive servicing and even replacement vehicles.


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