Sustainable Landscaping for Business

Len Gooch MRICS ABEng AMIAS, Paul Robinson Partnership (uk) LLP

Landscaping whether planted and living or hard surfaced sets the scene to the exterior of a building or internally where courtyards are present. It can be the first and lasting impression for a visitor or passer-by. It can reflect a caring commitment to more than the business image that then augers well for building relationships. Sustainability has taken on a far reaching relevance across many aspects of business life that once we would not have thought of and there is little doubt will go on to play an ever increasing role in the future. Willingly embracing now sounds much better than being forced to adapt later on.

Buildings vary in shape, size and use and these can constrain but not prevent positive landscaping that is individual to that one building. Creating a living space around the building can offer habitat, food and safety to the varied species of wildlife that are steadily moving into urban environments, while at the same time making your surroundings an attractive and inviting place to be.

When planting, particularly with trees, the species must be carefully selected to reflect growth patterns, maintenance and watering, especially when close to buildings. Drought tolerant plants could be considered in restricted urban settings and where there can be the threat of a hose pipe ban. The overall selection should respect access, vision and light while not in the longer term offering hiding places for unwelcome visitors. Some species can take on a defensive role while still looking attractive and careful colour selection can often reflect a corporate image.

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