Take control of your energy consumption

Rachel Scott, Utilitywise

Energy management is quickly becoming a business necessity. Growing environmental concerns and rising energy prices are substantially increasing cost pressures on businesses – and it’s only going to get worse. Finding ways to reduce your energy consumption and go a little greener is becoming ever more important.

Making changes

Energy management can be time-consuming, but there are several positive changes businesses can make without devoting excessive resource to the process.

  • Green energy tariffs. Switching to a green tariff doesn’t mean that the electricity coming out of your sockets will be directly from renewable sources. Instead, your supplier will buy the volume of electricity that matches your energy use from a renewable generator. In theory, more businesses signing up to green energy tariffs will increase the amount of power from renewable sourcing circulating through the National Grid. Signing up to a green tariff could mean that your Climate Change Levy is reduced – or even removed entirely.
  • Smart meters. If you haven’t already invested in a smart meter, now is the time to do it. Smart meters transmit regular meter readings directly to your energy supplier, eliminating estimated bills. Your smart meter can also provide you with a wealth of information about your business energy use – providing you have access to a data reporting platform. The true value of a smart meter lies in its data reporting capabilities, and you need access to that data in order to make the most of it.
  • Switch things off. Switching equipment off will reduce your energy consumption, and probably your bills – but remembering to switch off the lights and the kettle at the end of each day is only half the battle. Many businesses turn on all of their equipment every morning purely out of habit, even when it’s not necessary. Improving your operational efficiency could mean big energy savings.
  • Outsource. Outsourcing your energy management is a great way to increase your energy efficiency without devoting excessive staff time to the problem. Your energy management consultant will be able to assess your business energy use and draw up a step by step plan for improvement. They’ll be able to help you identify energy saving technology that will benefit your business, and help you access financing schemes like the Non-Domestic Green Deal and the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme operated by Siemens Financial Services and the Carbon Trust.

Control consumption and reduce environmental impact

Energy costs and the environment are often pitched as two disparate and incompatible concerns for business, but the truth is they go hand in hand. Reducing your energy consumption by implementing green energy strategies will reduce your business’ impact on the environment and should reduce your energy costs.

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