Our 12 tips on being more Eco at work

Being more environmentally conscientious has now become something we all can’t escape and is at the forefront of many people’s agendas.  Making greener choices is certainly something which we can all support. So, the question is ‘how can we reduce our impact on the environment at work?’ Remember each small step and decision helps to lead the way and change our habits for the better. Let’s work to nurture our region.

We have collected some key tips to help with being greener at work.

1. Going paperless
Many of us at the Chambers still use paper printouts on a regular basis, although we all like to think we use less paper it is a habit hard to shake off. So, it is essential to ask- could I email that piece of information, and try to print less each day.

2. Travelling to work
How do you travel to work? If you go by car, do you really need to get in the car every day? Always ask yourself this question, is there another way to get to work, could you cycle, or walk or share a lift once a week with a colleague? These small changes are so important and help to reduce your carbon footprint.  Our CEO, Chris and a couple of us cycle regularly to work. Personally, I love commuting on the bike to work, for the main fact, it is an opportunity to clear my head, keep fit, and it’s quicker than going to the gym! It saves money on petrol, and parking too. The downside is you do need to plan e.g. an extra set of clothing for the working day.

One scheme that has really helped some of us at the Chambers is the cycle to work scheme https://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/employers . This is a great scheme, and makes it more affordable to get a new bike too! Don’t forget to celebrate with cycle to work day on 8th August  https://www.cycletoworkday.org/

3. Invest in a bike rack
It’s time to invest in somewhere where your staff can store their bikes and be able to change their clothing too. This will encourage the staff who would like to cycle and do cycle.

4. Sharing lifts to business meeting and events
Could you share a lift to a meeting, event or networking? Due to the large geographical area of Norfolk, often meetings can be spread around the county. We often find when we get to an event, there can be several of us who have travelled from the same town or city. So why not share a lift? There are great schemes run by our member Liftshare who are on hand to support with this.

5. Add greenery
Does your office and desk have any plants? Plants are a great way to support wellbeing, and of course, can absorb those nasty flumes that are in our offices, and outside too. Just don’t forget to water them.

6. Just Say no to plastic at lunch!
How often do you eat out of throw away food containers, and with throwaway utensils or wrappers? I know we all do this in our office. So how can we all help to reduce this waste? How about buying compostable plates for those shared lunches, loose fruit (without the wrappers), buying from the deli counter, and having reusable utensils at work. All of these things will help to save on plastic.

7. Swap the clingfilm for a tupperware container-
If you make your lunch for work, cutting down the clingfilm is a must! Ask yourself does my sandwich need to be wrapped in clingfilm? The Answer is no! It’s time to invest in a sandwich box, as this can be re-used numerous times. Remember every piece of plastic you throw away can take up to 400 years to rot!! In fact, it does not rot. It’s time to reduce your plastic. 

8. Your cuppa
It’s time to invest in a cold water tap or fountain without plastic cups for your office. At coffee time for those takeout’s how about getting your own coffee or teacup? Or maybe tag on five minutes to drink in and use the ceramic cup. If you are using your own take-out cup, lots of coffee shops now offer a discount on using re-usable cups so you might be making a saving too!

 9. Don’t throw out! Always less waste
Can you share or recycle those items you are throwing out at work? Remember there are charities who can collect and reuse your old office furniture. If it’s in good condition, they would be happy for the donation, for example the Benjamin Foundation. Always ask yourself and your team how can we re-use or recycle.

10. Buying recycled
When ordering the stationary why not opt for the recycled option. We recently ordered over 1000 new recycled pens!

11. Invest in a fruit basket
We have swapped our treat box for a fruit box which is this is delivered weekly to our office. Not only does this support a local business, but its healthier for all of use of and reduces our us plastic consummation too.

12.Turn off and tune out
Turning off your computer and screen at the end of the day is a really simple way to cut down on electricity use, save money and help the environment. Also turning off the lights when you leave, is another cost saving exercise and eco too. Whether you are the last person in a meeting room or at the office, remember to turn the lights off.



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