How will Brexit take shape following the general election?

  • How will Brexit take shape following the general election?
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Regretting your vote 'for' or 'against' Brexit?

Well hold on to your seats folks because a general election scheduled for 8 June 2017 could totally change the direction Britain will now go once Britain exits the European Union (EU).

Last year Britain voted to leave the EU. However the Prime Minister, Theresa May has now announced that a 'snap general election' will be held which could put one of the other political parties in charge of Britain's exit from the EU. Having said that it could also be the case that the Conservative Party stand to gain a much stronger position in the polls and the bargaining table in Brussels.

It's too early at this stage to predict how this could affect employment law in the UK. If Labour were to gain the majority vote we could see employment law being heavily influenced by Europe, despite the fact that European judgements will no longer have effect on employment law in the UK after Britain exits the EU.

Watch this space!

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