Brexit - What does your business need to know

On 14th November, the UK and European Commission jointly published a draft Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and outline of the Political Declaration (PD). These documents represent the agreements reached by the UK and EU officer-level negotiations.

The British Chambers of Commerce, on behalf of the UK Chamber network, has analysed the level of clarity for business that these documents provide on the key areas covered by our Risk Register and Business Checklist.  

For any business that has questions on the Withdrawal Agreement, click here to have a look at the FAQs - WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT

Below are some of the key areas that may impact on your business:









In January 2019, the Government launched a new hub for no deal Brexit information on the hub, which has dedicated sections for businesses, individuals, UK nationals in the EU and EU nationals in the UK.  The webpages include a tool for filtering the technical notices, partnership packs and other guidance based on company sector.

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