• Lyndsey Sweales

We talk with Lynsey Sweales, CEO, and Digital Marketing Strategist, at SocialB.

An international award-winning team of digital marketing experts SocialB have been delivering outstanding results since 2008.

They operate across a wide spectrum of industry sectors, with clients ranging in size from small niche businesses to public sector organisations to global brands.

With over 17 years digital marketing experience herself Lynsey says that the company's philosophy is simple; ‘to provide a service that generates profitable sales and leads for our customers using a plain English approach’.

So, Lynsey, was it always in the plan to take SocialB into the export arena?

In fact, no. We started with the domestic, UK, market in mind. Demand from overseas evolved.

What was driving that?

Obviously, our own levels of service, but the UK is held in high regard as a ‘digital’ and ‘high tech’ nation. The UK’s digital reputation has definitely helped us I believe.

What do you think overseas customers look for most in buying digital and tech services from UK companies like SocialB?

I think the key words are credibility, standards and qualifications. The UK’s standing in the sector is well regarded but the training and qualifications here are hugely respected.

Have you encountered any specific problems in exporting?

It’s not easy! You can’t simply walk in to a country or market and make it happen. Commercial and cultural practices vary and having local knowledge is important. It’s why an Embassy, Chamber of Commerce and the Department of International Trade, is so important. But you have to do the groundwork and it’s not often straightforward.

Any specific advice for the world be exporter?

In our experience it would have to be - get it right at home first and the export demand should follow.

It certainly seems to have worked for SocialB. Can you give us a flavour of your export business?

It’s multi faceted. It’s definitely truly global, as we work with countries all over the world. We sell our digital marketing services overseas, and we also go abroad to deliver training. That said, we have clients who fly in to the uk for us to train them here, which of course is ‘exporting’ in real terms.

What are your thoughts for the future?

They’re very simple and practical. You have to be agile, lean and you have to stay on top of your business.  If your finger isn’t on the pulse it could drift in the wrong direction very quickly. You have to work at ‘future proofing’ your business. But these points in my view are good business sense and practice that should be practiced whether you are exporting or not.

Thanks Lynsey.

A pleasure….

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