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ARPRO material, produced by JSP, is a global market leading expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam material with a unique combination of properties. ARPRO is a 3D engineering polymer material that delivers energy absorption with high structural strength at very low weight, as well as chemical resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation. ARPRO also has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable - making it ideal for future-proof applications where use of sustainable materials is a key focus.

The various environmental, energy absorption and insulative benefits of ARPRO help to maintain its status as the material of choice for many applications in the automotive industry (eg. impact protection), moulded casings in the HVAC industry. ARPRO is also ideal for various other essential or new innovative prototyping uses across the construction, engineering and packaging industries.

ARPRO closed cell bead foam can be moulded to almost any shape and is available in a range of grades and colours with a CO2 bonus at your factory gate to accelerate your next innovation.

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