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Bowmonk is a world-leading manufacturer of brake testing equipment, with product approvals from the FAA, DVSA and numerous other Transport Departments around the world.  Bowmonk’s purchase of former competitor Tapley Instrumentation in 2006 confirmed its position as world leader in the portable brake testing field.

Over the years Bowmonk has expanded its range of products which now includes:


A portable and easy to use battery-powered brake meter – approved by the DVSA – that can be used by workshops, government traffic authorities, testing and inspection stations and more to test and report on a vehicle’s brake efficiency.


A handheld testing device that checks for the main causes of sensor faults in EBS / ABS braking systems.  The unit detects pole ring tooth damage, open or short circuits, pole ring misalignment and can be used to determine sensor gap measurement.


TrailerCheck enables the testing of a trailer’s lights and ABS circuitry without requiring a tractor unit to be present – effectively replicating the role of the truck.  An automatic sequential light function allows a lone operator to view and test all the lights at the rear of the trailer.

Truck Smart Scale On-board Weighing

Bowmonk’s on-board weighing system is ideal for single-man loading, allowing operators to maximise their payload effectively.  Weight values can be sent via Bluetooth to a smart phone – allowing operators to see the real-time weight “at a distance” - e.g. while loading the truck. 

Bowmonk 2500 IHS Induction Heater

A commercial induction heater for the quick, clean and safe removal of rusted and seized nuts, exhaust section, track rod ends, etc.

Lightweight Aluminium Trailer Landing Legs

A lightweight alternative to the standard (and heavy) wind-up options, increasing fuel economy and affording extra payload.

Fifth Wheel Autolube Cover

A no-maintenance option for the permanent lubrication of the fifth wheel coupling. 

In-Vehicle Computers (In-CarPC Division)

Bowmonk’s purchase of In-CarPC in 2014 brought a range of advanced, rugged in-vehicle computers to the product range.  In-CarPC produces a range of customisable in-cab computer systems which are capable of many tasks including CCTV recording, digital signage, job dispatch, navigation, rear-view camera display, controlling and monitoring on-board systems, and providing a Wi-Fi hotspot for passenger vehicles.  All In-CarPC’s computers are built to order to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

On-board Routers (In-CarPC Division)

A range of rugged, single and dual SIM 4G/LTE routers which provide Wi-Fi hotspot services to passengers.  Designed for buses, coaches, HGVs and mobile fleet support vehicles, the routers provide reliable internet access to mobile devices.

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