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Unit 2, Malory Road, Beacon Park, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 7DT
01493 849680

CIS is unique. We're the only company in the world that is 100% focused on the process of installing conductors - and we take a resolute approach to the quality of our processes, people and equipment.

As a result, CIS can be trusted to take full project management responsibility for the entire process of installing conductors - anywhere in the world

CIS was established at the beginning of 2005 and is an Acteon company. In this time the company has built an impressive track record in the conductor installation business. The company has its headquarters in Great Yarmouth, in the UK, but works for customers all over the world.

Our main purpose is to install conductors with the maximum possible structural integrity - reliably and safely. We also constantly strive to reduce the cost of conductor installation through the development of more efficient work processes and the use of new technology.

Effective and reliable tools and technology

We have invested in several excellent hydraulic hammers for conductor installation. We also possess all the necessary tools for pipe handling, running and make-up, and for final cutting of the installed conductor ready for the wellhead to be fitted.

Experienced crews

CIS field crews are hand-picked for their experience and positive attitude to the job. The teams always include qualified hydraulic mechanics to look after the equipment in the field, which is essential for avoiding unplanned downtime during a project, particularly in remote locations. Where a welded conductor is specified, we will also provide qualified welders and inspection personnel.

Fully equipped service centre

CIS has a spacious, fully equipped service centre in Great Yarmouth, where all the equipment needed for a particular project is assembled, maintained and tested.

Total project management capability

CIS is willing to take full responsibility for the entire conductor installation process. Under the direction of one of our experienced project managers we can

  • Undertake any preliminary engineering studies that are needed
  • Develop operational and quality procedures and project programmes
  • Design and manufacture, or procure, all the necessary materials, tools and equipment
  • Take care of logistics issues
  • Perform all site work under the control of trained supervisors (all of whom are experienced in working alongside drilling and platform crews)
  • Prepare project close-out reports.

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