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19 Palace Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1RT.

cyberfen fulfils the requirement to properly inform business leaders of the potential cyber risks to their business model, thus aligning their cyber strategies with business requirements and drivers that will ensure optimal business evolution in an increasingly hostile cyber environment.

The Cyber Vulnerability Simulation is a one day facilitated event, played through a tailored hands-on business simulation, where the company’s operational flow is replicated, and a cyber threat overlay is introduced.

The executives play out scenarios and make decisions in the simulated business environment.  They quickly see the impact of those decisions from both a cyber and a business perspective. Modelling the problem in this way strips away levels of complexity, whilst highlighting the key tensions that drive operational decision making.

The cyberfen model encourages business leaders to more easily visualise the consequences of the decisions they are making in a safe space and allows the implications of their evaluation to be played out and discussed in an abbreviated timeframe.

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