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Future Projects, 168b Motum Road, Norwich, NR5 8EG
01603 250505

Future Projects is a registered charity which was established in 2000 by two volunteers who had become increasingly frustrated at the social exclusion, poverty, and lack of support available in their local community. They recognised that the issues people faced on their local housing estate in Norwich – one of the most deprived in the U.K. – could not be resolved by simply addressing one problem at a time in isolation. So they set about working with the local community to understand their needs and ambitions, developing projects in youth work, education, media and advice along the way.   At the heart of our founders’ work was the desire to build on the strengths and assets which already exist in communities and whilst many things have changed since 2000, our approach has not.

Our Mission is to unlock the potential of communities experiencing hardship and deprivation by delivering high quality services and support which enable lasting change. We do this primarily through three core services which operate across Norfolk:

  1. Future Education: A specialist independent school which engages children with complex needs in learning, inspiring them to achieve and nurturing them to become successful adults.
  2. Future Radio: A radio station which engages the community, builds skills, and provides opportunities through great music, conversation and people.
  3. Future Support: A collection of specialist support services which help those most in need through hands-on support, advice and advocacy.

Our ultimate vision is of vibrant and strong communities where everybody can to live safe, independent and happy lives.


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