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I’m really proud that we have a fantastic team of therapists at Hands On At Work which is constantly growing and who all really enjoy what they do and that shows through in their work going by the fantastic feedback we receive!

Motivate Staff or delight Delegates 

I offer a wide range of bespoke massage plans for worplaces and events.

A healthy motivated and engaged workforce will be hard working, make a positive contribution to the business and have respect for its employer leading to excellent service and satisfaction. 

Mental Health

Tackling poor mental health issues upon return to work following the pandemic could be a huge challenge for you as an employer. Some people may have suffered illness, hospitalisation, family bereavement, others may have kept well physically but encountered bouts of anxiety, stress, loneliness, or depression due to the fear of catching the virus or just the uncertainty of the whole situation.

It is a good opportunity to review what you have in place. The benefits of group activities are well documented, e.g., being part of a team, creating conversations, and scheduling non-work activities during the working day to encourage employees to take breaks.

Hands On At Work therapists are a talented bunch. Take a look at these workshops:

Mindfulness – online or in the workplace

Desk Yoga – online or in the workplace

Qiki Gong – pre-recorded videos

Peace, Calm, Harmony meditative pre-recorded videos.

Mini Desk Yoga sessions – pre-recorded videos

In addition to our popular onsite seated massage and other wellbeing services.

Book a session

So what do you need to do to book an onsite massage session? Is it for you? One of the comments frequently heard is that it must only be for the larger corporate companies who can afford to put this in place but this is not the case. There are a variety of options to suit every size of business from being on site for just a few hours to being there for a few days at a time.

How easy is it to arrange?

Step 1.
Contact us either via email, call us on 07989 367669 or through the contact page on this website with an indication of approximately how many staff you have, your location and brief details of what you have in mind e.g. regular sessions at your workplace, one-­off wellbeing event, training days, conference etc.

Step 2.
A bespoke quotation will be provided with details of treatments available.

Step 3.
A date and time is agreed and a timed schedule is sent to you to use to pre-­book appointments (or we can deal with this) together with a medical questionnaire for completion by staff.

Step 4.
All you need to do is provide a small quiet area or perhaps a small meeting room, we set up the massage chair and staff enjoy their massages. Job done!


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