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At The Learning Tank our philosophy is to provide comprehensive, uncomplicated and affordable E-learning for all business’s. We believe that compliance training shouldn’t be fit and forget but an ongoing commitment to staff as part of your company’s values and belief in staff development. Everything we do is motivated by our core beliefs.


We think that personal development and the ability to train staff should be available to everyone. Any organisation should invest in their staff, happy and thriving staff could make the difference to whether your organisation is successful in the long term.
Our pricing is honest and transparent and can be viewed upfront on our website, we don’t make you commit to a meeting or get you to sign up to our email list before showing you the information you came for, it really annoys us when companies do this….so we don’t.


Although our courses are cost effective, we never compromise on quality. We take pride in our courses, making each one detailed and comprehensive, whilst keeping learners engaged and stimulated.
Our team take a keen interest in the topics we cover, and updates are made to courses as and when standards or legislation change. You of course get access to the updated courses when changes are made, your colleagues will also be able to retake the assessments for any altered courses, ensuring competence and giving you piece of mind.


We want learning to be accessible. That’s why when it comes to our LMS (Learner Management System) we wanted to keep things simple. You will find our login process, learner dashboard and course library clear and easy to use. Learners can easily track their progress and achievements from their personalised dashboard and launch courses at the click of a button.
Our courses themselves are interactive and incorporate text on screen as well as voice over to cater for different learning styles. Courses can be accessed from a variety of devices including mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop PC. If a learner starts a course they can leave at any time and our system will remember their place for their next visit

Could you be a reseller?

We welcome the chance to work with potential resellers of our amazing E-learning packs, giving you the opportunity to add value to the service you already provide to your existing client base. We pride ourselves in being transparent and let our comprehensive e learning packs speak for themselves and believe that no hard sell is necessary. Some of the types of resellers we currently work with are; Business consultants, HR consultants, Insurance Brokers and Web designers.

We also do bespoke

At The Learning Tank we also write and design bespoke E-learning courses for clients all over the world, spanning a huge array of subjects. We organise everything from imagery to professional voice over so if you have a project to price up, get in touch today.

Visit our website to find out more:

Do you have your own courses?

If you have your own content and need an affordable, easy to use, reliable LMS to store them on, then we can help. There are a range of different options we can offer based on how many course you have and how many learners need to access them. Why not give us a call today and we can talk you through the fine details.


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