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70-80 Oak Street, Norwich, NR3 3AQ
01603 626123

For 34 years, the Matthew Project has been supporting vulnerable adults and young people in the East of England.

Our work focuses on reducing drug and/or alcohol misuse, providing employment support, and improving individuals’ mental wellbeing.

Over this time, we have built up a reputation for delivering high quality, effective services, focusing on both prevention and treatment. We believe that every person, no matter their age or background, deserves the chance to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our work benefits a wide range of people from a wide range of different backgrounds. We help these beneficiaries to achieve better physical and mental health, better relationships with others, and overall better quality of life, along with access to more opportunities. As well as the individuals themselves, our work also creates social change and improvements to the local community in a range of different ways. These include improved family relationships and friendships, reductions in drug/alcohol misuse, reduced strain on local health and wellbeing services, reductions in rates of offending, and improved skills and employment outcomes for our service users, all of which help to regenerate the local community. 

We currently provide the following services:

Unity: The commissioned drug and alcohol service for children, young people and their families across Norfolk. Unity works with those affected by their own or somebody else’s drug/alcohol misuse.

Next Steps: We’ve recently launched a support programme for those in recovery from addiction. This work focuses on building employability skills, improving mental wellbeing, and reducing the risk of relapse. We will soon be opening a Norwich-based Recovery Centre to offer further support to those in recovery. This centre will serve as an invaluable local asset, helping hundreds of vulnerable people each year, and bringing together local support organisations.

On Track: An employment project helping disadvantaged 16-24 year olds across Norfolk into employment, education, and training. On Track supports up to 200 young people per year via one-to-one coaching, activities, and skills workshops.

Youth and Families Team: Supporting children, young people, adults and their families with drug, alcohol and other related issues. Current projects include coaching in West Norfolk, smoking cessation support, and peer mentoring. The Youth and Families Team also offered life coaching to young people across Norfolk.

Outside the Wire: A specialist service for Armed Forces veterans, current serving personnel and their families, working across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. Outside the Wire works with over 140 individuals per year via one-to-one support, counselling, groups, and activities.

We also run additional services, including a social prescribing scheme, and one-to-one support for those within the criminal justice system.

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