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Ever wanted to look good and feel good by following a routine that suits your lifestyle, your capabilities and that you actually enjoy? But perhaps you

  • Are not comfortable or confident in a gym?
  • Feel lost in a world of fad diets and crazy gym programs or just hate training in mundane gyms?
  • Struggle to manage your weight?
  • Tried just about everything yet still nothing that works for you or nothing lasts?

But you still want to look good and feel good, right?

At Motiv8 Exercise and Fitness our philosophy is to give you a core set of disciplines and values to integrate into your lifestyle so that you can enjoy living stronger and living longer.

We take a holistic approach to health, placing equal emphasis on developing intrinsic mental motivation, nutrition, physical strength, fitness and fun to achieve your goal. Our approach means we start with any level of capability to make you stronger and achieve your goal.

With Motiv8 Exercise and Fitness we work with you to find the best way for you to succeed.

So who are we? We are a group of fully qualified physical trainers from the military. In our experience in the military we worked with service personnel who have been away on deployment for months at a time, and who often came home unfit and unhealthy. At the same time we worked with troops in the Special Forces. Our focus and experience was to get people healthy and keep them healthy. Service personnel are just like you, love chocolate (or other luxuries) and sometimes find it hard to stay on that elusive healthy living track. So after years of experience in the military, we have learnt a few tricks of the trade that we can share with you.




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