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Sometimes life doesn't make sense. Your company is thriving, you are rushed off your feet and the phone is ringing with new customers clamouring for attention... and yet the bank statements don’t make good reading.

If your debtors’ list if out of control and the thought of engaging with those accounts departments with their individual and perplexing queries fills you with dread, then here is the perfect answer.

Quantum Jump will provide the following services in your office, at a time of your choosing, address the situation and then report back to you thoroughly on when you can expect the payments to arrive. We work via telephone and we talk directly to the source of the problem.

  • DVA, Debt Verification Audit
  • Effective, simple and reliable credit control – based in your office
  • Sale ledger cleansing (separating the time wasters from the real issues)
  • Dispute mediation and resolution – based on 40 years experience
  • Realisation of inequitable debt – moving the balance back in your favour

The invoicing, statement run and debt collection can be rationalised, monitored and brought under control.

We understand that the mere thought of reconciling those outstanding accounts is off-putting. To counter tis we are offering a free one hour consultation during which a simple, workable strategy wil be developed that will lead to cash flow improving and teetering business relationships transformed overnight.

That’s because we understand that credit management is about managing relationships first and managing debt second… and with our help from just one day a week – you can move from cash hope – to cash forecasting.

Contact us to organise the first step to less stressful working life.

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