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Oak Lodge Business Centre, School Lane, Little Melton, NR9 3LB

The biggest challenge faced by every Single-Owner business and SME is that they don’t have enough leads coming into their business. The second is that when leads do arrive, they don’t always convert into customers.

Salescadence exists to specifically address these two problems.

I fanatically believe that selling is a science, not an art. Yet unlike every other business process that contributes to your ‘bottom-line’, the way in which an organisation sells its service or product is often taken for granted. Very few measure and only the best train this fundamental skill – put simply, people leave the most important part, creating revenue, to chance.

As a business owner myself, I have first-hand experience of what works when trying to overcome obscurity and stand out from the crowd. After spending more than twenty years in the corporate Sales industry, I also know the value that comes with the logical approach of measurement, strategy and execution skills.

At Salescadence, these methodologies are combined and embedded within our training products and they intrinsically link to the passion and entrepreneurship of the SME and self-employed business owner, creating the cadence which delivers progress.

Our four unique products (Clarity, Strategy, Flow & Accelerate) have each been specifically designed to positively influence and facilitate change. Each build from a foundation of the three key components that all Ultra High Performers covet: Mindset, Ability and Process.

·         Mindset: leveraging the psychological tools you already have at your disposal

·         Ability: be an expert at the disciplines required that help people buy from you

·         Process: adopting a systematic way of working which produces predictable results

As a Norfolk Chamber Approved Trainer, why not come along to one of the “How to Improve Your Sales Success” training events and experience Salescadence yourself.

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