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Sewell Park Academy St. Clements Hill Norwich Norfolk NR3 4BX
01603 411721

Sewells Park Academy's vision is focused on our students.

We are determined, constantly and continually, to improve our students’ academic achievement, their rate of progress and their personal development.

All of that will come from our strong learning culture within a stimulating education environment.

We will encourage students, staff and parents to learn and evaluate, committed to the belief that together and as individuals we can exceed expectations.

As a learning community we will know our students, identify and celebrate success, and provide real opportunities for personal development.

Students will benefit from our developing strong partnerships for learning, locally and nationally.

By engaging with the worlds of industry and commerce we will be known for innovation and developing social capital. It’s a vital part of our vision for our students to become active, inquisitive, and analytical learners, equipped for lifelong learning.

Their progress will be exemplified through co-operative and collaborative relationships at all levels within the Academy, including peer assessment, co-learning and co-teaching of lessons. 

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