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Synergy Procurement Solutions Ltd are an expanding cost reduction consultancy business enabled to work right across all industry sectors on behalf of transformational demanding organisations (incl. charities). Our people are based across regions including East Anglia.

We deliver client increased profitability by securing double digit % reductions in their indirect costs. With Synergy people doing all the necessary procurement work (cost-free) a secondary benefit is also realised; the release of internal client man-hours (purchasing & accounts) to other tasks.

Operating for over 10 years we secure major cost savings for clients without financial burden. The relationship is based on our highly attractive No-Win No-Fee offering which is guaranteed cost-free; hence burden-free. Typical turnover of our clients base is £6M up to £1000M.

We originate from retail & professional services and we are pushing our zero risk “win-win” format deeper into other sectors. Many of our signed clients are national names and savings we secure for them are 6 figure sums or greater. In acknowledgement of our accomplishments CFO / CEO level 1:1 referrals are always made available.

We work with all common indirect categories inclusive of stationery, PPE (to NHS standard), energy, water, landlines, mobiles, waste management, merchant acquiring, copy & print, IT, fleet vehicles, premise security & fire systems. We also undertake procurement requirements that are bespoke to client operations so as to maximise one-stop strategic relationship savings.

Synergy delivers by negotiating & benchmarking with volume leverage across our excellent national supplier partnered base who offer best-in-class prices. We do so with zero quality sacrifice (hence brand for brand & service level for service level). Frequently, and at no extra cost, quality of service and/or product will actually be improved. We therefore take considerable pride providing for our clients their monthly confirmed net savings reports. Our focus therefore is never just the excellent services themselves but, with equal importance, the superb savings secured alongside them.

With Synergy helping your organisation you will reduce your supplier bills cost-free and so immediately improve profitability without having to resort to increased activity. Your instruction is all we need to commence improving your bottom line – all guaranteed cost free!



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