Think Maintenance

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61 Roe Drive, Norwich, NR3 8BT

Think Maintenance is about proving we are AMAZING

  • Delivering a service which benefits our clients
  • Putting our necks on the line by saying we WILL ENSURE your Heating  and Plumbing services are the best that they can possibly be

We are not interested in changing EQUIPMENT, we are interested in SAVING EQUIPMENT
20 years of engineering excellence assures that it can be done.

We do not want customers, we want clients, meaning limited spaces for membership!

The conceptual idea employed on our maintenance planning is based on the NHS best practice guidelines because the objective of the NHS is the of PRESERVATION of LIFE.

No short cuts are taken in implementation of any maintenance plan designed by us

Albert Einstein once said " A smart person solves a problem. A wise person avoids them!

"Think & Act now!"

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