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Process Consultancy
Working to understand your business needs

Almost all initial consultancy and requirement gathering exercises are free of charge at TNE Group. This is because we understand that in order to achieve the most effective results, your business has to free up staff and time from the early stages. Which ensures time is utilised to gather accurate resources for your project.

We spend time with your management and team members, discussing challenges and existing processes to identify what limitations need to be overcome to reach the business’s objectives. Your existing processes can be mapped along with new processes that help visualise the pathway towards success.

So, whether you are looking to improve customer response through efficient delivery of information or provide a predictive stock fulfilment solution, experienced specialists at TNE Group can identify the right solution for your organisation.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
History has shown us all too often that no economy or business can stand still and survive. Today, we are more than a century beyond the technological advancements of the industrial revolution of the late 1800s. For business success in the modern world, competitive advantage is achieved through the innovative use of data and offering greater value for money.

TNE Group specialises in the development of data warehousing solutions that help you analyse your proprietary data to make informed decisions to efficiently increase sales and grow profit.

Organisations that hold a limited amount of proprietary data in a digital form will most likely require a solution that allows them to harvest or capture data. Our services support you in establishing and implementing strategic solutions that convert raw information into digital data that can be analysed on mass.

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