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Loddon Road, Broome, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2RJ
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Hi, my name is RichardSeppings, CEO at Workplace Charging Ltd and I’ve just bought my firstfully electric car. I was previously a sceptic but am now an enthusiast, as my new car is unbelievably quiet, smooth running, clean running (no tailpipe emissions at all!) simple, easy to drive, cheap to run, I could go on…. My passion is to not only to convert you to an electric car or hybrid, but to help you and your business see the benefits of being ahead of your competitors by installing a workplace charging unit.

So, how did I get here?

Educated as an engineer,I’ve worked in a family horticultural business for most of my life and I have been involved with a renewables business for over 10 years.
Changes in transport are on their way like nothing any of us have seen in our lifetimes. The internal combustion engine will be consigned to history within the next 25 years. The Government is behind the change, motivated by the need to meet climate change commitments. It will happen.
With a technical background, NICEIC electrical qualifications and an enthusiasm for business I found myself investigating the market for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation.

Here is the result – Workplace Charging Ltd

We are based on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and our focus is primarily on installation of chargers in the workplace. The government sees business owners who have employees as key figures in widening the acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs). By installing chargers at the work place, employers will be able to “Lead from the Front” showing the great benefits of going electric by caring about staff, caring about the environment and saving money. They will also be displaying the company’s green credentials for all to see.
We offer a comprehensive range of charging options from simple chargers through to complete systems with Wi-Fi, GPRS monitoring, and even options for ‘pay per charge’ charging. We work closely with Rolec who are a leading UK producer of premium quality electrical fittings, a company which had the foresight to develop EV charging equipment many years ago.

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