Enterprise Recognition Award

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An award recognising an education institution's commitment to delivering employability and enterprise skills.

The Young Chamber Enterprise Recognition Award is an award recognising and celebrating education establishments in Norfolk that are committed to improving the employability skills of young people in our region.

Bearers of this award have evidenced a clear understanding of the local business needs and are working to equip students with the necessary skills as well as creating opportunities for students to engage with local organisations. An education establishment with the Gold Tick award has shown the most commitment to student employability outcomes and has gone above and beyond in delivering a culture of enterprise.

The awards are free to enter and aim to provide a platform not only to recognise the work already happening within education, but to create a springboard for new relationships between businesses and education.

Over 150 businesses from across the county have endorsed this award and it is our clear vision to celebrate the commitment schools are making alongside local business to the skills of our future workforce.

To enter the award scheme you must register your interest below and a member of the Young Chamber will be in touch. Please do take a look at the different tiers of the award to see which level of the award you can apply for. 

ERA has a simple 3 tier model:

Why is this important for schools?

We’re celebrating and recognising the work they’re already doing, in a language that the business community can understand.

Why is this important for the business community?

We’re creating a single and simple way to recognise a school’s commitment to skilling up a workforce for the future of our organisations.

There are numerous awards out there, why this one?

We’re breaking down the barrier between education and business owners in a way that brings them both together, instead of celebrating their successes apart.

Why is this important now?

  • Language barrier between schools and businesses is increasing
  • An increasing skills shortage in many sectors
  • Businesses need to play a greater role in the development of local skills
  • A school’s commitment to students beyond qualifications must be shared
  • Local skill development and retention is increasingly important
  • Public sector funding cuts mean a greater need for business engagement in education

Apply Today

There are a variety of opportunities for members to speak at Norfolk Chamber of Commerce events and we are always interested to hear from experienced speakers with an interesting story.

Attendees at our events expect our speakers to share information and best practice without heavily promoting their business. In order to maintain the high quality expected of speakers at Chamber of Commerce events, we have introduced a speaker application form.

Please note that demand for speaking opportunities is very high so not everybody who wishes to may be able to speak but completion of this form ensures that your application will be considered.


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