Chamber Co.nnect Virtual Networking Event with Dr Noelia D Falcon, UEA

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Thursday, 8 April, 2021 -
09:30 to 11:00
Online Networking (via Zoom meeting)
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  • Chamber Co.nnect with Dr Noelia D Falcon, UEA
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This is a member only event

Our new way of networking… 

Chamber Co.nnects are fortnightly network meetings for its members to network and chat with other businesses in a digital space. 

We believe networking is key during difficult times to help with mental health, continuation of business and access to help and advice from peers. Each network meeting will have a guest speaker and will be focusing on a current topic.  

Enjoy from the comfort of your own home with no early starts or commute and make sure to make a coffee and bring a smile to this online video meeting. 

Who's it for? 

Business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, young businesses and anyone who wants to connect and engage with other businesses in the Norfolk area. 

Topic - Underrepresentation of women in STEM careers: How to podcast about women inclusivity

For years and years of history, women have been underrepresented in scientific careers. Their voices are not heard, nor respected. Even more, sometimes we are taught to not share our successes, as that would be too much.

Over the last couple of years, my interest in the Women in Science movements has been steadily increasing. I have participated in a few online campaigns, besides oral communications across UEA. However, I felt I was not collaborating enough, and more voices needed to be heard. One day, on my way to work, I was scrolling down my Twitter feed, and I realised I follow a lot of amazing women scientists. They are spread across the world, they do fantastic research, and they work hard for their beliefs. Suddenly, I realised I wanted to know their stories. And most importantly, share them. That is when I thought about founding the Podcast, titled “I belong here”. I thought of creating an accessible platform in which I could interview women across the globe, with assorted stories, academic or industrial positions, and dreams. The first point of the Podcast is to let them speak. To let them share their stories. To tell the world how amazing and successful they are, despite any bias against them. The second point of the podcast is to inspire the next generation of females who are dreaming of being a scientist, but they think they will not fit in. I hope they see themselves reflected on the women I interview because each woman is going to be an example of a successful scientist. These women are diverse, they have different backgrounds, and have been going through different challenges. Therefore, I hope the Podcast serves as a pool of inspiration for all those little girls and young woman that listen to us. The Podcast is also going to count on excellent male ambassadors. They are the perfect example of male colleagues that believe in the incorporation of women in STEM jobs, and not only they advocate for it, but they try to understand and listen to us.

Guest Speaker

Dr Noelia D Falcon, senior research associate at the School of Pharmacy, UEA

Dr Noelia D Falcon is a senior research associate at the School of Pharmacy, UEA. She arrived in the UK 6 years ago from her home country Spain to pursue her scientific career. Her work is based in the tissue engineering field. She combines polymeric scaffolds, cells, and biologically active molecules into functional implants or grafts. The goal is to repair or restore damaged tissue in the body, for example, tendons. The platforms she creates in the lab could also be used for drug screening and in vitro models. Noelia’s main career aim is to be a university lecturer and a group leader. She hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists and have an inclusive and diverse group of people motivated to do science in a respectful environment. 


09:30 – Welcome from Chamber. Go through format and any updates (5-mins)
09:35 – 45-second introductions from each delegate (15-mins)
09:50 – Guest speakers (15-mins)
10:05 – Q&A for speaker (10-mins)
10:15 – Discussion topics and networking (45-mins)
11:00 - Close

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