Chamber Webinar - Developing Strategies for Serendipity and Innovation

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Friday, 4 September, 2020 -
10:00 to 10:45
Zoom webinar
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Serendipity is the coming together of chance and a system ready to make the most of that chance. The role of serendipity in innovation and business development has been identified through stories - we all have a tale about a lucky break that made us. However, the past decade has seen an increase in scientific research on how we can better harness the skill of serendipity. This webinar will give you practical skills for developing serendipity and how you can better deal with uncertainty.

The primary aim of this webinar is to introduce you to the scientific concept of serendipity or ‘smart luck’ and to demonstrate practical ways that you can cultivate this in your workspace. This webinar will cover three areas that are important topics in the research in this area:

  1. Smart luck and developing the “Serendipity Mindset”
  2. Super encounterers and how to increase serendipity in your personal and professional life
  3. The possible impact of COVID-19 on serendipity in the workspace and ways to mitigate this

About the presenter

Wendy Ross is a lecturer and researcher examining the role of serendipity in everyday problem solving and decision making. As secretary of the Serendipity Society and editor of two forthcoming books on serendipity, she is at the forefront of this developing field of research. Her work has been published in several scientific journals and she is regularly invited to speak at international conferences.



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