Activate Webinar: How to Start a Business using the Lean Startup Method

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Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 -
09:00 to 10:00
Online Webinar
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Have you got an idea you want to turn into a reality? Using the Lean Startup Method, make it happen quicker, cheaper and more effectively!


Have you got an idea you've always wanted to turn into a business?


Perhaps something that will make yours and many other people's lives easier?


But how can we start a successful business with limited resources and limited experience?


We can use the Lean Startup methodology, which seeks to create and test assumptions - allowing us to create a solution which perfectly aligns with our customers' needs.

Starting a business can be daunting, especially when starting out alone or in a very small team. Activate has been designed to help you work through a plan of action in a more interactive and interesting way.


In our full series, which can be delivered on a 1-to-1 basis, or 'in the classroom' when normality resumes, covers the following:

  • How to Articulate and Develop your Ideas
  • Understanding your Customers
  • Creating an Effective Product/Service
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risks
  • Building a Business Model

In this webinar we will introduce the key lessons of the Lean Startup method and how it can be used to develop ideas; relevant whether you're looking to extend your product line, or starting a business !


"It was great, very galvanizing & useful. Thanks!"

"Really good course, very engaging + helped me focus my efforts"

"Great sessions, the trainers were involved and helped each of us with our journeys. Great helping others, helps to broaden & strengthen perspectives"


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