Diversify - Where to Go Next?

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Wednesday, 5 August, 2020 -
10:00 to 12:00
Zoom Webinar
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The Diversify Series

We live in unprecedented times, things are no longer comparable to what they have been. One thing is steadfast though, and that is that things change. No matter what we do, the world will change around us. So at this fork in the road we have a choice, either we change too, or we get left behind.

The Diversify Series is a collection of workshops to help provide you with the tools you need to widen the reach of your business.

N.B. Each session in this series is a standalone workshop. You are welcome attend where you feel you would gain the most benefit!

Where to Go Next?

This session is to help you find focus and find next steps for your business. We have all had times where we're not sure where to go next, or what avenues to pursue. Using a series of tools and approaches to ideation we'll be looking at how to enable the generation of ideas and how to analyse them for your business. So please bring along your issues and ideas!

Who Is This Session For?

  • Anyone who doesn't know what do next with their business
  • Anyone who knows they need to find something new but is unsure what
  • Anyone who needs a framework to have ideas with, and guidance on how to self analyse
  • Anyone who wants to foster a culture of innovation in their business

Delivered by James Williamson of Hethel Innovation's Business Development Team. James has a background in business studies and coordinates the NAAME network. A network which has been involved in the rapid diversification of manufacturing towards PPE in East Anglia. James also runs his own business in his spare time and our ability to innovate and diversify is an important focus for him both at Hethel and elsewhere.

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