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Friday, 20 September, 2019 (All day) to Saturday, 2 November, 2019 (All day)
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2019 Rugby WORLD CUP




The 2019 Rugby World Cup will soon be upon us and East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) would like to ask for your support by raising a minimum donation of £30 through our 2019 Rugby World Cup Sweepstake.

We are suggesting a minimum of £3 per stake but it’s entirely up to you! 

Here are a few examples of how a donation can help us (Donation amount based on 50% winner’s prize and 50% donation):

£32 (c£3 stake) – two hours of an Art Therapists time – Our Art Therapists work with children, young people and other family members, helping them to express emotions through art, and to communicate issues that they may find feel confusing, or hard to put into words.

£48 (c£5 stake)  – two hours of a Psychologists time – Our psychologists work with children and young people and their families offering advice, consultation and support.

£64 (c£6 stake) – eight hours of housekeeping by one of our facilities team – They help make our hospices feel like a home-from-home for families.

£80 (c£8 stake) – eight hours of a Care Assistants time – Caring for and supporting children and young people.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the attached sweepstake kit. If you do, we’d be really grateful if you (or your group) make a donation to EACH. Many supporters choose to donate half of the winning amount. But it’s entirely up to you and you’re not obliged to donate.

Of course you can always use your rugby knowledge into a donation by holding a quiz night for us as well? Enclosed is our Rugby World Cup Quiz for you to use. We recommend an entry fee of £2 per person, maximum team size of 4 and a prize fund of around £60 or £70. Prior to the start of your quiz we would appreciate it if you suggested that half of the prize fund may be donated to EACH.


Sweepstake - how to play:


  1. Cut out the country names enclosed, fold them up, and put them in an envelope or container.

  2. Anyone participating should draw at random for your agreed stake per country to create a prize pot

  3. Write the details of who has picked which team on the poster provided. 

  4. After the 2019 Rugby World Cup, award the prize money to the person who picked the​ winning country. 


We would be grateful to receive a donation of half of the overall prize pot, but the winner is free to donate what they wish or make no donation at all.

Donations from the sweepstake and quiz can be made by contacting norfolk@each.org.uk or call 01508 500894 to donate by credit or debit card.

(Our pack will help you run a sweepstake in the workplace (as a ‘work lottery’) or in a residential setting (as a ‘resident’s lottery’). These types of lotteries cannot be used to raise personal funds and are intended to be just for fun. All the money you collect from entries must be paid out in prizes or used to cover expenses.)

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