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Friday, 25 September, 2015 - 09:00 to Monday, 25 January, 2016 - 08:45


Do you ever feel...

  • lost in the journey of life?
  • lost for answers?
  • you have lost control of your emotions?
  • lost in a cloudy mind?
  • lost in the chaos of the modern world?
  • lost for energy?
  • lost in a crow?
  • you've lost your off-buttom?

If this sounds like you then we can help you...

  • find a road map for your journey
  • find where to find the answer
  • find clarity
  • find the blue sky in your mind
  • find order in the chaos
  • find energy and enthusiasm
  • find your place in the crowd
  • find out how to recharge your batteries

The modern world has become increasingly complex and busy. Many of us do not spend enough time on our own wellbeing, as we are too busy with our busyness. This then effects our ability to be a good boss, colleague, husband, wife, father, mother, son, friend or whatever else we should be. If we are in business, our busyness becomes bad for business. The body of evidence that supports the view that having better wellbeing gets better results is simply unquestionable. Yet still we allow our physical and mental wellbeing to take a back seat in life’s journey.


It doesn't matter where you work, what you do, if you feel lost in one or more ways above, you probably need this Masterful Programme. 

The programme has however proved to be very popular with business owners and entrepreneurs, who have represented over 80% of the delegates.

Successful people are accountable for their own development, they are always looking to develop themselves, learn and have a growth mindset. If you want a transformational change in your outlook, this programme is for you.

This investment in yourself will enable you to better identify the needs of your team, business, and customers and give you the drive, energy, grit and determination to stay one-step ahead of your competitors. Research also shows that those who invest in their wellbeing are nearly 3 times more profitable than those that do not.


This 4-month Programme consists of eight Masterful Classes supported by eight 1:1 training reviews to help you firstly understand what steps you need to take and secondly get the support you need to implement them.

This Masterful Programme will be strictly limited to 12 delegates only to ensure the optimum outcomes, and there has been considerable pre-launch interest generated by the buzz from the delegates of the current group.


The Programme consists of 1 full day, followed by 6 half day and finally 1 further full day Masterful Classes each spread two weeks apart.  

In each session, we will explore why that particular aspect is important to your wellbeing, vitality, happiness and resilience and offer implementable strategies to improve them. Each Masterful Class subject has been carefully chosen based on well-researched and evidenced data to enhance your wellbeing. At each session, all delegates will receive their own workbook to help implement the changes they decide and a Masterful Action Plan (MAP) that will stay with them throughout the journey and beyond to help ensure their changes stick!

In the alternative weeks, each delegate will receive a 50-minute 1:1 Training Review to check understanding and progress. These sessions are vital to ensure the calls to action in the Masterful Classes are implemented.


The full programme consists of the following;

Each Masterful session starts at 8am with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, and finishes at noon, with the exception of the first and last sessions, which finish at 4.00pm and include lunch. These will run every other Friday as follows;



Friday 25/09/15

Masterful Class 1 (AM) – Finding Yourself Introduction


Friday 25/09/15

Masterful Class 1 (PM) - Finding more purpose


W/C 28/09/15

1:1 Training Review


Friday 09/10/15

Masterful Class 2 - Finding more inner strength


W/C 12/10/15

1:1 Training Review


Friday 23/10/15

Masterful Class 3 - Finding your inner critic


W/C 26/10/15

1:1 Training review


Friday 06/11/15

Masterful Class 4 - Finding more headspace


W/C 09/11/15

1:1 Training review


Friday 20/11/15

Masterful Class 5 - Finding more time


W/C 23/11/15

1:1 Training review


Friday 04/12/15

Masterful Class 6 - Finding more energy


W/C 07/12/15

1:1 Training review

----------CHRISTMAS RECESS------------


Friday 08/01/16

Masterful Class 7 - Finding more sleep


W/C 11/01/16

1:1 Training review


Friday 22/01/16

Masterful Class 8 (AM) – Finding your mojo in your tribe


Friday 22/01/16

Masterful Class 8 (PM) – Finding Yourself the Next Chapter…..


W/C 25/01/16

1:1 Training review

All delegates will be invited to join our Forum where they can share experiences with other delegates of both this group and past and future groups.


All Masterful Sessions take place as the fabulous Business Rooms No8 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY, a state of the art training and coworking facility with a warm and welcoming environment located conveniently opposite Norwich Train Station.

All Virtual Training reviews will be completed using Skype or similar at your convenience.


This comprehensive 4 month Programme costs just £375 per delegate per month or can be paid in full prior to commencement for £1,350, representing a 10% discount.  

The first three delegates to sign up will also get a special bonus of 3 further training reviews after the Programme finishes to help further embed lasting change.

Discounts & Reductions

Referral a friend or Colleague

Refer a friend and receive a further 20% off – if you refer someone who then signs up and pays to either this programme or a subsequent one, we will offer you a further discount of 20%. There is no limit to this discount, so if you refer 5 friends you will attend the programme completely free. If you have already paid, we will refund you.

Charities and Social Enterprises

We offer a 20% discount on all our products to charities and social enterprises.

Grants and Funding

Through various schemes small and medium sized enterprises could be entitled to 25%-50% funding towards this Programme, please enquire if you want to know more.

For more information or to find out how to book call 07733 265953 or email

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