HR masterclass: Navigating the National Minimum Wage

Event Details

Thursday, 4 July, 2019 -
07:45 to 09:15
Bankside 300, Peachman Way, Broadland Business Park, Norwich NR7 0LB

Do you know what counts as pay and what doesn’t or when time is considered working time and when it isn’t? The rules around the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage (NLW) are complex and range from ensuring you pay the correct amount for the age of workers to understanding what payments actually count towards the calculation. Keeping on track and ensuring you know how to accurately calculate the correct amounts to pay workers will ensure you stay compliant and maintain a happy workforce.


Join our HR Consultants Vicky Webber and Gemma Chapman as they take you through a practical guide of calculating the NMW and NLW and highlight the pitfalls to avoid. Topics include:


  • Who is entitled to the NMW/NLW
  • Time, salaried and output work
  • Pay reference periods
  • How to accurately calculate the NMW/NLW
  • Penalties and enforcement of the NMW/NLW



7.45 am Registration and buffet breakfast

8.00 am Presentations

9.00 am Questions and answers

9.15 am Close


We look forward to seeing you there.

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