Implementing the Circular Economy in the Food & Drink Sector

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Thursday, 24 September, 2020 -
14:00 to 16:00
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Identify how you can implement Circular Economy principles into your business; creating new revenue streams and growth opportunities.


Did you know that waste tomatoes can be converted into applications for car tires?

Did you know that sour milk can be converted into textiles for clothing?


DISCLAIMER: This event is reserved for businesses within the Food & Drink sector and priority will be given to those in Norfolk and Suffolk.


Join us for the first of many Food & Drink Circular Economy forums where we delve deeper into the food 'waste' and by-products your business is creating, and find ways to innovatively repurpose them into other goods. Or, if you are a manufacturer, be introduced to businesses that could provide you with invaluable resources.


In this meeting, Hethel Innovation will share with you powerful case studies of businesses who are supporting circular economy principles, the potential journeys you can take to repurpose your food waste, and give you the opportunity to strengthen supply chains. This can include short term collaborations with students, longer-term proof of concept projects, as well as commercialisation and scale-up projects. - If funding is required to allow you to pursue the project, future meetings with the most appropriate partner can be scheduled.


This meeting will also give you the opportunity to hear from the various partners involved within the project, (including University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park & Food Enterprise Park) sharing their involvement.


Agenda (TBC).


Note: By signing up, you will be emailed by the Hethel Innovation team to discuss the current 'waste' challenges and opportunities that exist for your business.


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