Improving Leads and Sales Through Colours

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Thursday, 9 January, 2020 -
09:30 to 12:30
Stower Grange
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£150 + VAT

A completely fresh approach to increasing your sales team effectiveness! In just 180 minutes we train you to use the colours resulting in your sales expertise and prowess being substantially increased. 


Here is a proven way to get more leads and customers. If you know how your customers “tick”, you are more likely to close the deal. BUT first of all, you need to know how YOU tick. Here is where Colour Personality is a severely underused gift for salespeople, once you understand it and practice it.

As behaviour is a choice which can be modified and altered, you need to understand behaviour and personality; by doing so will give you more of a winning edge, which means more business and repeat business. Everyone’s behaviour falls broadly into four colours RED BLUE GREEN AND YELLOW.

The investment is just £150 + VAT for non-members, £135 +VAT for members for the course. For more information or to book this ground-breaking training contact us on 0207 1676 717.


This is What We Offer You

In just 180 minutes we train you to use the colours resulting in your sales expertise and prowess being substantially increased.


  • Free Personality Profile Assessment ( based around Carl Jung’s personality  colours)
  • How to assess what are your dominant colours
  • How to speak, send quotes and communicate with your leads and customers in their own colour(s)
  • How to use Linkedin to discover your customer’s personality

Prior to the Experience

  • Attendees complete a quick and simple online personal evaluation (we provide personal codes and full instructions)
  • Personal results are emailed within 5 minutes of completing the evaluation
  • Attendees are then ready for the expertly delivered personality profile sessions

During the Experience

  • Attendees are asked to bring to the session their personal profiles
  • You will participate in 3-4 hands-on, interactive challenges that bring the colours to life
  • Challenges will get attendees engaging with each other to discuss their own colours, others and potential customers colours
  • Experience how you can apply colours to your everyday life and most importantly your business 


For more information or to book this groundbreaking training contact Right Angle Corporate Limited on 0207 1676 717 or email


Every person who enquires will receive a complimentary Personality Profile Assessment, totally free of any commitment.

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