The New Norm - from B2B to D2C. Is there an opportunity for your business?

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Thursday, 11 March, 2021 -
11:00 to 11:45
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There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has drastically accelerated the digitalisation of how we act as both businesses and customers. 

Retail sales are the worst they’ve been for 25 years, with a huge reduction in the number of physical stores available. When executives were asked how long they expected it would take for an increase in customer demand for online sales, they estimated it would be up to 585 days. In reality, it happened in just under 22 days. 

The world around us has changed. Fast. And it’s abundantly clear that we’re not ‘going back to normal’. Businesses need to respond, and PWC recently claimed 94% of manufacturers are adjusting their business to achieve new growth. 

But amongst the doom and gloom of physical retail, online sales have increased by 46% and statistics have shown that 89% of customers start their purchase journey with a search engine. 

Brands that are able to directly build a relationship with their customers and build a D2C channel are thriving. 

This adjustment is not short-term or purely reactive. These are 5-10 year strategies and those who fail to adapt risk being left behind. 

Join us on 11/03/21 at 11am for 45 minutes of insights into the potential opportunities for your business to create new revenue streams and adapt in the digital world, in the first edition of Buxton Insights. 

We’ll be explaining the potential D2C opportunities for your business, and sharing insight into our journey with a British B2B manufacturer, and how we have successfully built them a proven, revenue-generating D2C model.

We will be discussing: 

- What it takes to step into the world of D2C and online business

- The importance and Design Thinking techniques to understanding what drives customer behaviour

- How to build direct relationships with your customers

- How you can open new revenue streams and create opportunities for growth


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