The Quest For Enterprise Heroes

Event Details

Thursday, 14 April, 2016 -
17:30 to 20:00

Join the Swarm and RSA epic quest to liberate and support young and talented business heroes. 

Our heroes have the ambition, attitude and ability to thrive as Swarm apprentices and will jump at the chance to make a legendary difference to your business.

Here's your chance to get involved, as an employer, RSA Fellow, or just someone who cares. There'll be prizes too!

Book your free seat at our Swarm camp and be inspired by:

  • Swarm's Founder explaining Swarm's mission
  • Our partner, explaining the importance of the mission
  • A young person who's accepted the Swarm challenge
  • A local employer who's already seized the opportunity

The quest for enterprise heroes timetable:

  • 1630: Arrive at camp, drink coffee and network
  • 1700: Preentations to inspire and ask questions
  • 1830: The drinks and nibbles arrive, so time to chat
  • 1900: Time to go home

Location: The Garage, Norwich, NR2 1NY

Gold Patrons & Strategic Partners