Motivational Maps: A brilliant tool to help manage in difficult times - Masterclass - Recovery Programme

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Friday, 6 November, 2020 -
10:30 to 12:00
Zoom webinar
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Join us as we launch our brand-new 'recovery programme' virtual events which support businesses to restart, rebuild and renew.

Motivational Mapping is a powerful, dynamic and exciting self-perception inventory that provides individuals, managers and organisations with intelligent and practical information on what motivates people, as well as how motivated they are. One of the most powerful uses of Motivational Mapping is to help managers gain a deep and practical understanding of their teams, which is especially important as people return to work and, managers are under even more pressure to integrate their teams.

There is an increasing body of evidence that the single, most important aspect of being a leader relates to managing emotions effectively. This management goes way beyond simply ‘understanding’ emotional intelligence; it is, in fact, practice and one that is intimately connected with personal development and growth, and with energy. The more we can understand the complex emotions and thoughts that drive our individuals and teams, the more effective and positive our management practice will become.

Content / Takeaway

We will look at Motivational Maps and learn what each motivator means. We will explore the impact that people’s motivations (the reason for acting in a certain way) have on them and their teams; we will look at potential clashes and flashpoints. You will also learn why people do the things they do. Key to the whole session, learn how you can apply the knowledge gained in a practical way to help build your team through these challenging times.

When you register for your place, you will be sent a calendar invitation as confirmation of your place. The invite will include a unique link from Zoom for you to join the video call. 

About the Speaker

Kathryn Horton, CEO at Turning Factor 

Join our CEO Kathryn Horton as she demonstrates how Motivational Maps can be used to help manage and improve performance, build teams, and encourage individual and team development.

Kathryn is a Master Practitioner in Motivational Mapping as well as in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has been running her learning and development organisation for 15-years, where she and her team have helped improved business performance on a national and global scale. With a unique combination of business expertise and behavioural change, Kathryn has successfully trained the current and future leaders of top organisations.

About Turning Factor

Turning Factor is a strategic learning and development company delivering high-quality services both nationally and internationally. With a specialism in bespoke training programmes and organisational change, Turning Factor is committed to helping develop people and develop business, so both can reach their full potential.

Turning Factor has been recognised as a provider at the forefront of the Training and Development Industry. We work and collaborate with innovators, business experts and key organisations to develop cutting edge Learning & Development solutions and design innovative business-relevant programmes.


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