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As part of the GDPR Conference series, we believe all our businesses should have access to our useful GDPR toolkit. This information follows on from our successful Norwich conference in March. The toolkit below consists lots of useful materials, please scroll down the page to access the links; 

  • Podcasts on GDPR from our experts
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  • GDPR newsletter
  • Responses from questions submitted at the conference

We had over 130 questions posed to our panel of experts at the GDPR Conference. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the panel could not answer all the questions at the time, but we have managed to get the answers to a number of them which can be seen below.

From Friday 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, and as proactive, informed businesses, this is something we need to prepare for. It’s not too late to start preparing for this date! The toolkit above will give you and your business helpful pointers to act on.  Many of our members are experts in this field so do get in touch. If you would like to be kept up to date with all the GPDR news, please do sign up below for our newsletter.

GDPR Training – 11 May

Are you still feeling confused and overwhelmed by GDPR and the implications the new regulations may have for your business? Following on from the success of our GDPR conference last month, we are inviting businesses to attend a full day of GDPR training so that you can gain in-depth, focused and tailored guidance on the regulations.

We will be offering a full day of thorough training delivered by two of the experts who gave a taster of their extensive specialist knowledge of GDPR at the conference: Alex Saunders, Leathes Prior and Darren Chapman, Cyberscale

Full Details

Listen to a series of podcasts on GDPR from our experts

New rules known as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into force on May 25th, 2018 which will affect how businesses deal with data.

On Tuesday (13 March), Norfolk Chamber held a sold-out event on the topic of GDPR and what it means to your business, with over 350 businesses in attendance. The expert speakers from this popular event, have been interviewed in a series of three podcasts to give businesses in Norfolk more information on this new legalisation and practical tips to help them comply in time.

Each podcast is just under 20 mins and in a easy to listen to format, just plug in your headphones or find a quiet space and press play.

Podcast 1 - GDPR: what is it and what are the new rules?
What are these rules and crucially how can you make sure you comply with them. Shaun Lowthorpe discusses the new regulations with Alex Saunders, a solicitor at Norwich-based law firm Leathes Prior and John Gostling, Managing Director of Breakwater IT.

Listen to "GDPR: what is it and what are the new rules?" on Spreaker.


Podcast 2 - GDPR: how will the changes affect marketing campaigns? 
Big changes are on the way this year as new rules come into force around we store, use and manage data. In this episode, we look at how the new GDPR rules will affect businesses in terms of their marketing, including potential challenges around consent and re-consent campaigns. Shaun Lowthorpe discusses the issues with Holly Stibbon, a director of 101 website apps and email marketing, and Alex Saunders, a solicitor with Leathes Prior.

Listen to "GDPR: how will the changes affect marketing campaigns?" on Spreaker.


Podcast 3: GDPR: how can you comply with the new rules and protect people's personal data?
The new GDPR regulations which come into force on May 25th will impact how businesses hold, process and protect personal data. In this episode, we look at what types of data will need protecting and what steps businesses should take to make sure they're ready for the changes. Darren Chapman, Director of Cyber Scale and John Gostling, Managing Director of Breakwater IT discuss the issues with Shaun Lowthorpe.

Listen to "GDPR: how can you comply with the new rules and protect people's personal data?" on Spreaker.

View the Slides from our GDPR Conference

GDPR Conference – Q+A Responses

During the GDPR Conference on 13th March, we had a huge amount of useful and interesting questions submitted by the delegates who attended. Some of the more specific, complex questions will be answered by the experts, however below are some of the questions we have answered predominantly using content provided on the ICO website.

View the questions and answers

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