Greater Anglia Coronavirus Update - September

Performance and train services

Performance continues to be very good with punctuality in the current 4-week period over 95% across our network. Everything went smoothly last week as schools re-opened and more people returned to work. We were already running a full service everywhere except the intercity service, where most services are running, and the Stansted Express, where an extra 8 services a day were added to the current half hourly service from Monday 7 September. We’ll maintain our daily monitoring to enable us to assess when it’s appropriate to add in the remaining intercity and Stansted Express services.

Travelling with confidence

Across the rail industry, train operators are encouraging customers to “travel with confidence”, reflecting all the steps taken to provide an excellent service for passengers. The actions in our safer travel pledge, which are focused on providing more services and capacity, additional cleaning, making it easier to keep your hands clean and providing information to help you travel safely, are all being delivered.  We’ve outlined a number of the extra steps we’ve been taking here at Greater Anglia in support of this commitment in previous updates over the last few months.  

Just a helpful reminder that it is mandatory for customers to wear a face covering when using public transport, in stations as well as on trains, to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Children under the age of 11 and people with a disability or medical condition which means they cannot wear a face covering are exempt from wearing them. The vast majority of people are complying with the requirements, but the British Transport Police do have the power to impose fines of £100 for non-compliance, if necessary.

We have invested in additional cleaning measures - including more train cleaners, new PacVac equipment for turnaround train cleaning during the day and special testing equipment to carry out random hygiene tests on trains (to help us raise standards even further) - as well as cleaning every single carriage with fogging guns (which disinfect all surfaces, including seats, arm rests, grab handles and windows) to supplement the extra cleaning already being implemented in these high contact areas. We’re also carrying out extra cleaning at stations, where the fogging guns come in handy for larger indoor areas, such as waiting rooms.

It’s still important to observe social distancing. We’ve introduced a wide range of measures to make it easier for customers to do so at stations and on trains - including floor markings, one-way systems, new signs and queuing systems.

We’re looking forward to seeing more and more people taking the train again in the weeks and months ahead. 

Thanks again to everyone across Greater Anglia for delivering a very good service to our customers and communities across East Anglia, with valuable support from colleagues at Network Rail, Siemens, Stadler, Bombardier and our other rail industry partners

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