EUR1 Movement Certificates

We are authorised by HM Revenue & Customs, to check and stamps EUR1 Movement Certificates on their behalf.

EUR1’s are certificates more commonly known as a Movement Certificates, which enable importers in certain countries to import goods under preference, whichmeans that your customer pays a lower or nil rate of import duty on your goods.

You must make a declaration on the back of the form, stating that your goods satisfy the rules of origin as detailed in the appropriate Customs Notices. You should have copies of the Notices BEFORE completing these documents – have a look at our How to Guides for links to each of these Notices.

As with all the other export documents, you will need to include back up documents with your application, to assist us with the process.

Norfolk Chamber hold stocks of blank EUR1 Certificates for you to purchase in Packs of 10. Please see our Export Documentation Rates for current prices. Members are entitled to 50% Discount on our standard rates for blank forms and for processing your EUR1 Movement Certificate. 

What do I need to send to the Chamber with my EUR1 Movement Certificate?

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List (if the Gross Weight is not shown on your Invoice)

Please note that if you are raising the EUR1 retrospectively (after the goods have been shipped), we will also need a copy of the shipping document as proof of export.

How do I apply for my EUR1 Movement Certificate to be authorised?

There are several ways to send your documents to us:

The most popular form of applying is through our fully electronic system where you can obtain your authorised documents during the same day – sometimes within minutes!  Almost 80% of the documents we process reach us through this system. This is deemed the cheapest and safest method of sending and receiving your documents as you do not need to rely on the post or couriers because you can print it out from the comfort of your own office. Click here for further details.                                                            

Please note that some Customs Authorities are not currently accepting fully electronic EUR1’s – a list of these countries can be found on the welcome page of e-zCert. There are instances where you can apply through the Standard option, instead of Xpress.

By Post
You complete the 2-part EUR1 Movement Certificate and send it in to us with the above listed back up documents.  We will then send the checked and authorised documents back to you by first class post.

While you Wait
You complete the 2-part EUR1 Movement Certificate and bring it in to our office in Norwich with the above listed back up documents. We will stop what we are doing and complete the process while you wait. Please note that this service is only available between 9.30am and 3.30pm every weekday.

If you need help to complete the Certificate, please take a look at our How to Guides.


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