Letter of Credit Service

Norfolk Chambers provides a high quality Letter of Credit Service, which removes the fear that some exporters have, when it comes to the intricate detail stipulated in an L/C.

The fear that some companies have of Letters of Credit, mean that they are potentially losing business as they are not willing to agree to these terms of payment - our L/C service will alleviate that fear.

National figures show that when documents are submitted to the Bank by exporters, on their first presentation, 80% are rejected. When they make their second attempt, 50% are still rejected.

Although this is a fairly new offering from us, the service itself has been ongoing for more than 15 years and to date, has a record of 98% acceptance on first presentation and 100% on the second attempt.

We deliver a professional service whereby your Letter of Credit is passed to our associates who will then:

  • Check the conditions in the L/C to ensure you can meet them
  • Inform you of any amendments that you need to obtain
  • Prepare all the relevant documents
  • Speak with the Shipping Agent
  • Check the Bills of Lading
  • Present all the documents to the bank

The next thing you know, the money is in your bank account!

The service is becoming very popular with local firms; here are a few comments from our latest clients:

It took all the worries and concerns I had dealing with a letter of credit away.
Steve Fisher, Norfolk Truck & Van Ltd

Just very easy, all the hard work was taken away from me.
Stuart Harvey, Softstart UK Limited

I would definitely recommend the service. I felt completely supported throughout the whole process; help and explanations were always at hand when I needed them.
Gary Williamson, GT Bunning & Sons

For more information, or details on the costs, please contact the International Trade Team on Tel. 01603 729706 or by email at: export@norfolkchambers.co.uk

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