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The Department of International Trade (DIT) have advised the Chambers network that European Community Certificates of Origin will continue to be issued until the end of any transition period, which is currently 31 December 2020.  And as of 01 January 2021, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce have been advised to start issuing UK Certificates of Origin.

HMRC have also advised that during the transition period that preference documents (EUR1s, ATRs etc) will continue to be issued as normal as well.

Commenting on the latest announcement, Julie Austin, International Trade Manager for Norfolk Chambers of Commerce said:
“It is very important that Norfolk businesses have as much clarity, as soon as possible, around exporting their goods to Europe and beyond.  Foreign countries should continue to treat the UK as part of the EU until the end of 2020.  But we have concerns that border agencies in the importing countries may be unaware of the UK’s transition arrangements.

“Norfolk Chambers and the wider Chamber network has regular contact with the various Government departments to ensure that your business needs are being heard and taken into consideration.  We would therefore like to hear from any exporters who are facing challenges during this period:

  • Is your current documentation being refused by any country?
  • Are you being asked to provide more additional documentation/evidence?
  • Are you seeing new clauses, new demands or amendments being added to contracts?

“We will take any information that you give us and share the information with the Government, HMRC and DIT to try to address your issues as quickly as possible.”

If you have any queries on the above or require any other assistance with exporting please contact Julie and the International Trade Team on 01603 729706 or email


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