HMRC has published guidance on what to do when goods arrive in GB without an import declaration

Up until the 6th Aug 2021, HMRC will accept full import declarations for anything imported since 1st Jan 2021. Importers must therefore take action now by submitting a full import declaration.

The imports will however be deemed ‘non-compliant’ by HMRC, who may decide to apply civil penalties after looking into any outstanding duty debts that exist, and/or repeat offences evident.

Acting quickly could therefore save importers money.

Follow this link to also note the Additional steps required for 'late' declarations. Check whether the Tax, Duty, or HMRC exchange rate was different when the goods were imported. If it is different, you must file a supplementary declaration.

Also, please note, that because the goods have been imported ‘non-compliantly’, it will not be possible to defer any of the liabilities to import duties. Postponed VAT accounting cannot be used. You must either use your deferment account, or Flexible Accounting System for VAT.

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