Norfolk ChamberCustoms has capacity to process your Import & Export Declarations

As mentioned in last week’s news article, those businesses who imported from the EU and made a Simplified Declaration, or have yet to make any declaration at all, you need to be ready to make your full declaration at the 175 days later point.  

Be careful: If you’re receiving, or have already received goods from the EU, and are not doing full declarations, you are potentially accumulating duty debt and could be subject to HMRC penalties.

Filing a Customs Declaration is a legally binding act between the UK Trader and the UK Customs authorities.

Unless you are buying under DDP terms (Delivered Duty Paid), as the importer you have the right to choose your customs agent, and also the obligation to report information to HMRC accurately and correctly.

Here at Norfolk ChamberCustoms, we have the resource and expertise to support you with your Import and Export Declarations. We have Capacity.

On the 25th of June, the Norfolk Chamber’s International Team presented an hour long Webinar, titled “Maximising your international Trade”.

Follow this link ,to discover how the Norfolk Chamber can help you with your business’ International needs, and meet the International team that will be looking after you.

Also, find attached the ChamberCustoms brochure, which gives you more detail of the Customs Declarations service available to you now.


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